Julianne Moore talks ‘Maps To The Stars’: It’s about “the pursuit of fame at any cost”

While promoting The English Teacher, Julianne Moore mentioned Maps To The Stars. Opposing Views got a chance to report the new quotes from Moore: 

“The movie is based on a book by Bruce Wagner who’s a wonderful writer and L.A. satirist,” Moore said. “It’s not only about celebrity culture, but the pursuit of fame at any cost. I was talking to my husband about this the other day, ‘why do people want to be famous, what is it that people are interested in, why are they looking at it?’ I think every human being has a desire to be seen; to be seen for who they are authentically and sometimes they misinterpret it as being seen in a different light.
Julianne Moore

“Because really where we feel best and most successful is when we are seen for ourselves in a personal relationship and yet celebrity culture has sort of distorted it and made it about people valuing people being seen as like pictures or images,” Moore continued. “There’s this weird disconnect that the celebrity culture enforces and I don’t know how we got there. I feel like it happened really rapidly too because when I started out as an actor it wasn’t quite the same.”

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  • Just finished reading ‘Dead Stars’. Oh..My..Goodness! This book was made to be a David Cronenberg film for sure! It was vulgar, violent, shocking…also heart breaking…very easy to relate to the well drawn characters. I’m sure there are major revisions in the adaptation by the author for the movie script. Still, Rob’s character, Jerome, is a big departure for him–very different from anything he’s ever done. Can’t wait to see what David & the cast do with this project….By the way, this book isn’t for anyone easily offended…

    • Re: the last part, you can say that again. Some passages are so revolting I needed to put it down for a time and then come back