FAN PICS/VIDEO: Hello David Cronenberg! David, Mia Wasikowska and Robert Pattinson on set

Fans were able to snag some shots from set today. David Cronenberg was captured as well as Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska. Click HERE to see HQ images of Rob and Mia.

UPDATE: More pictures from set! David, Rob, Mia as well as DP, Peter Suschitzky, and still photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg. Rob is in costume when he’s wearing the chauffeur suit and Mia is in costume wearing the gloves.

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg

Mia Wasikowska in costume

Mia Wasikowska in costume. Any guesses why she’s wearing those gloves? ;)

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson waving bye to fans

Director of Photography (black shirt)

Director of Photography (black shirt) – Peter Suschitzky

Still photographer

Still photographer – Caitlin Cronenberg

Video of Rob and Mia leaving set.



Video of Rob leaving set in costume.


Over 100 pics under the cut!

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  • Alba Gutierrez

    awesome ., so many pictures, Rob looks great as always

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  • germangirl

    Where are filming locations in TO for next week? Does anyone know?

  • Jay Pausner

    I think Mia is wearing the gloves cause she had an accidental burn when she was commenting arson.

    • 😉

      • CookieMonster

        Stop being assholes with the spoilers. And I’m talking to you, too, Jay.

        • eek. sorry cookie monster. we have a warning on the blog tho about spoilers! *tilts head to the right and eyes side bar*

          • CookieMonster

            You know the phrase “this is why we can’t have nice things?” Yeah.

        • Jay Pausner

          I haven’t read any script. I’m merely speculating on what synopsis tidbits are available. And name calling is really mature. Though I must tell you my asshole is very beautiful looking if you care to take a closer look.

          I’ll await your apology.

          • CookieMonster

            Tink has read the script and is blabbing about it all over her sites. Hence my comment…to Tink.

          • Jay Pausner

            What? No apology to me for telling me to stop posting spoilers.

            At any rate, will you continue on this crusade when it’s quite clear spoilers will be posted?

            As always, my asshole remains yours for viewing

          • CookieMonster

            Please point me in the direction where the producers released the bit about arson, Jay, and you’ll have my apology.

          • Jay Pausner

            Let’s hope I did this correclty. I’m attempting to post a link from an eOne entertainment pamphlet.


            Contained on page 3 of the pamphlet is the distributor’s synopsis with a tidbit on Mia’s character being treated for criminal pyromania. I speculated that this may be why she has gloves on her arms.

            At any rate, discussion over. You’ve been advised that this is a site where spoilers may be discussed. Now that you know that, you can decide whether you want to participate.

            I empathize with you to some extent about spoilers. But my advice on Cronenberg differs from other filmmakers. I find you cannot spoil a Cronenberg film. His films have so many layers that plot is really only the most basic and least important aspect of his films.

          • CookieMonster

            My apologies to you, Jay. Indeed there it is.
            My point with Tink still stands, but that has little to do with what happened here, but rather what she’s up to elsewhere regarding script spoilers, which IMHO should NOT be a part of a site like this.

          • all the film sites that are a part of this network of people have done script spoilers. the girls that ran Bel Ami posted parts of the actual script, on Cosmopolis we had break downs as well. this is the first of our movie sites that we haven’t done something blatant or solely on script spoilers. i stand corrected – we didn’t do that on The Rover as well. also, im doing teases on posts and they’re light and few and far between. where do you see a big story reveal on a post that you don’t think is ok?

          • Offred

            The trouble is, the script sharing world is becoming more and more underground. With lawsuits in the millions of dollars being passed around, people are not wanting to share. Which means it’s getting harder and harder to find scripts. Discretion is key and well you’re not exactly being discreet and trust me, that’s pissing people off. As a fan it’s just annoying, but for aspiring screenwriters that need to read these scripts to help them achieve their goals, it’s incredibly frustrating. This time next year it’ll be near on impossible to get hold of a Rob script (or any script) in active development. You will only really have yourself to blame.

          • there’s no way i can please nameless, faceless people i don’t know. if there are any aspiring screenwriters that i have damaged in some way, i apologize and im certainly glad we didnt take the approach we have in the past regarding scripts on our movie blogs. i still dont and wont understand a fan that is annoyed coming onto a site that has a warning for spoilers though. it wouldn’t bother me at all if Rob’s scripts were impossible to find so i wouldn’t be blaming myself for something that doesn’t bother me. it would be good if they were more protected.

          • Offred

            You are part of the problem, this site is part of the problem, you will be part of the reason when it becomes even more impossible to find scripts for fans and for scriptwriters. Things are toughening up, you need to be more discreet.

          • i will be more discreet. thank you for your feedback.

          • Offred

            Thanks Tink, There’s been lots of chatting in the fandom the last few days and it’s leaked out into the script sharing world. Unfortunately it spreads and well, people are just going to be less inclined to share…