PHOTO: Robert Pattinson and producers, Martin Katz and Renee Tab, visit Children’s Hospital LA, also a MTTS filming location!


This is great! Robert Pattinson, along with Maps To The Stars producers, Martin Katz and Renee Tab, stopped by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Aug. 16th. The hospital revealed that it was a location for a scene in the film:

Pattinson was able to visit the hospital because an upcoming movie, “Maps to the Stars,” which Pattinson is currently filming in Los Angeles will feature a short scene (not featuring Pattinson) in front of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Click HERE to read the entire writeup and watch a video greeting of Rob from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

People Magazine also reported on the visit:

Robert Pattinson put a sparkle in the eyes of a group of young people when he visited the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The Twilight star made a surprise trip to the hospital’s Teen Lounge on Aug. 16, and joined the patients who were decorating picture frames. The 27-year-old, who is currently filming Maps to the Stars in L.A., created a pink frame decorated with hearts, and laughed at his own “terrible” artistic skills before posing for photos and signing each kid’s picture frame.

“Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids – he didn’t want to let them down – which is a testament to how humble he is,” Child Life specialist Ana Vega said. “He was incredibly gracious and kind.” 

Pattinson also visited two cystic fibrosis patients – huge Twilight fans – who were unable to leave their rooms. “We couldn’t help laughing and smiling when one of the patients was so starstruck that she couldn’t speak. You could tell it meant the world to her – she was tearing up and smiling ear to ear,” said Lyndsay Hutchinson, the hospital’s public information officer. “The other little girl teased him relentlessly and begged him to do an American accent. They were instant friends.”

Click HERE to see more pictures of Rob during the visit!

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  • Scavenger

    These are some of the most amazing pictures I have seen of Rob. You all need to see them all. If its possible, you will love him more than you already do.

  • EllieRK

    What a wonderful thing Rob did for these kids. Just perfect…he made them smile.

  • Sus

    Rob’s kindness never ceases to amaze me! It just makes me love him more! This was so special, and thrilling for the kids……what a guy!

  • BPositive

    It is incredibly rewarding to bring happiness to young patients in the hospital. I imagine that Rob enjoyed the experience as much as the teens and kids. Previously, Rob had generously granted a wish to an ill Australian girl.

  • Patti

    Wonderful and sweet, Rob you are so amazing. Thank you from my heart for caring for others, for just a few minutes your caring last a long time!