David Cronenberg talks about the “passion” in Maps to the Stars at TIFF press conference

UPDATE: Here’s a YouTube of David Cronenberg discussing Maps To The Stars


UPDATE: David revealed the crafty way he was able to light up the famously unlit Hollywood Sign. Click HERE to read the article on The Hollywood Reporter.

The Toronto International Film Festival is underway and an exciting exhibit is about to open. At a press conference today, David Cronenberg talked about The Cronenberg Project, an exhibit of his film history, and Mind Body Change, a pod program connecting fans to the experience of being IN David Cronenberg’s films. I know which film I’d choose. 😉

Regarding Mtts, David was asked a question about passion and gave an answer full of Maps to the Stars!

Q: “One theme I’ve seen in all of your movies is the idea of passion and the Mind Body Change project sort of alludes to that so I’m wondering where are you going with that…?’

David: “Well, you’ll have to see Maps to the Stars.”

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David also talks about the twitter “kerfuffle” over production lighting the Hollywood sign. Read a great write up about what a big deal that really was right HERE.


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