Adler Entertainment To Distribute ‘Maps To The Stars’ In Italy


BestMovie.itĀ  are reporting that Adler Entertainment will distribute Maps To The StarsĀ  in Italy in May 2014!

Excerpt from the article below (translated using Google Translate):

VIP cocktail party , red carpet , mascots and hostesses who welcome the public . Nothing last night at the Republic Square in Rome for the presentation of Adler Entertainment , a new company founded by Stephen Dammicco , former Eagle Pictures. Between the roof garden of the Exedra Boscolo and the halls of near The Space Modern, Dammicco , Pete Maggi and Marco Colombo welcomed the many guests who have been given a glimpse of the company’s line-up for 2013-2014.
What is certain is that the presentation of the list Adler Hollywood, complete with a video , showreel and bilingual presenter , has unveiled several films of interest, including some names of appeal for the big festival. This is the case of Maps to the Stars , drama directed by David Cronenberg , a scary ghost story focused on the lives of two child actors ruined by American showbiz , starring John Cusack , Julianne Moore and, for the second time in a film by Canadian filmmaker , Robert Pattinson. Adler distributes it in May next year : will it make its debut earlier at Cannes ?

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  • Jennifer

    As much pappz pics as we get with Rob being out in his car going from here to there … I’m really anxious to see some more official pics. Rob out promoting movies is what I’m starving for right now! I’m looking forward to this film just almost as much as I am The Rover. Thanks for the post ;D