LIST: Maps To The Stars ranks 15 out of 100 on The Playlist’s Most Anticipated Films of 2014

A David Cronenberg film is going to be noticed and anticipated. We’re happy that the latest Cronenberg venture has grabbed a spot so close to the top of a very long list of anticipated films in 2014. The Playlist released their Part 2 of Most Anticipated Films of 2014 and Maps To The Stars came in at #15.MTTS

15. “Map To The Stars”
Synopsis: Details a twisted Hollywood family: successful self-help magnate Dr. Stafford Weiss and his wife Cristina, who manage the career of their burned-out child star kids Agatha and Benjie, and also come into the orbit of an aspiring actor and a movie star haunted by her dead mother.
What You Need To Know: This Hollywood-set tale, penned by novelist Bruce Wagner, has been in the works for close to a decade, and seems to have been something of a passion project for director David Cronenberg: it’s come close to production more than once before, but eventually got before cameras last year. Seemingly closer to last film “Cosmopolis” than his more commercial work on something like “Eastern Promises,” it’s also home to the director’s most promising cast in a long-time, with the returning Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon joined by John Cusack, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams and perhaps most interestingly, Carrie Fisher, as ‘Herself.’
Why Is It Anticipated: We can’t say we were huge fans of Cronenberg’s last couple of movies, but the idea of the Canadian legend turning his attention to biting the hand that feeds him is an immediately intriguing one, and doubly so when you start adding drug-addicted thirteen-year-old child actors, pyromania and ghosts of dead 1960s stars into the mix. There are a lot of strong actors here who seem particularly suited to working with Cronenberg (Moore, Williams, Wasikowska), and perhaps more than anything, we’re delighted to see John Cusack in a movie that isn’t a straight-to-VOD actioner that hadn’t already been turned down by Nicolas Cage (with this film along with “Love and Mercy,” we’re hoping 2014 is Cusack’s comeback year). Early pics here for what could be another “Cosmopolis,” oblique and chilly, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for something more satisfying.
Release Date: Said to be aiming for Cannes, though Venice or TIFF might be options too.

We can’t wait for the film and still have fingers crossed it will debut as early as Cannes!

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