‘Maps To The Stars’ Featured On More Anticipated Movie Lists

Maps To The Stars has been featured on 2 more anticipated movies of 2014 lists. It made it in at #17 of Ropes of Silicone‘s list and #4 of The Film Stage’s list with The Film Stage saying “It’s hard to imagine many films will incite more of a visceral thrill this year“.


From The Film Stage:

David Cronenberg is working in a different register these days — more removed (quite literally, in terms of something as essential as camera distance), more clinical, more alien — so those hoping for Scanners and not Cosmopolis might need to rearrange most expectations. The wicked sense of humor, however, is as cutting as ever, and in coming off a perfectly tuned, pitch-black social satire, his take on the corrosive nature of Hollywood — which required his first shooting endeavor in the United States — should be a sight; consider the lineup — Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska, Olivia Williams, as well as a returning Robert Pattinson & Sarah Gadon — and it’s hard to imagine many films will incite more of a visceral thrill this year.

From Ropes of Silicone:

Written by noted Los Angeles author Bruce Wagner (“Wild Palms”), David Cronenberg’s latest apparently sets out to take a stab the celebrity-obsessed society of Los Angeles and instead of attempting to boil the plot down in my own words, I’ll allow the following plot synopsis to set the story straight.

My interest here should be obvious, it’s a Cronenberg film, need I say more?

A contemporary tale exploring the demons of our celebrity-obsessed society, story follows the Weiss family, which is led by Stafford (John Cusack), a psychotherapist and life coach who made his fortune with self-help books. His wife (Olivia Williams) is the overbearing mother-manager of their 13-year-old son (Evan Bird), a TV star recently out of drug rehab. Their estranged daughter (Mia Wasikowska) has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and befriended a limo driver (Robert Pattinson) who is also an aspiring actor.

One of Stafford’s celebrity clients is Havana (Julianne Moore), an actress with an unusual new assistant. Havana’s dream of reprising her dead mother’s (Sarah Gadon) starring role from the 1960s slowly crumbles while ghosts, death and all manner of vices collide.

Also it’s time for MTV’s Movie Brawl. In 2012 David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis took the top spot and this year it looks like Maps To The Stars is going to put up a good fight so don’t forget to give it your vote!

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  • Jennifer

    Every time I read another good word from those in the biz … I get more and more excited for this movie. DC managed to get quite a few big names in this one. Perhaps by his own accord … or perhaps they saw how well Cosmopolis was received. Or maybe…just maybe, they hunger for something different from all the rest. God knows I do.

    • Jay Pausner

      DC has said before that stars will often request he consider them for roles. Some work out and some don’t I guess, depending on what financiers want, whether they are right for the role, or whether DC secretly has no reciprocal interest,

      • Jennifer

        I can understand that. He is brilliant. What’s that saying about a wagon and a star? ;D

        • Jay Pausner

          I think some stars only call him because it’s the thing to do. You know, someone says he’s good so you must work with him. Others, like Rob, are honest in their desire to work as real actors, to challenge themselves.

          • Jennifer

            Rob is genuine ☺