VIDEO: Julianne Moore raves about David Cronenberg on Le Grand Journal & teases Robert Pattinson

Julianne Moore was on Le Grand Journal on Monday and talked about Maps To The Stars. The interview is dubbed but you can make out her compliments to David Cronenberg (“He’s such a marvelous person and so talented and so intelligent, it’s an extraordinary honor to be here with him”), her descriptions of Havana (“Incredibly needy and only feels validated when she’s in a movie”) and giving Robert Pattinson a 10. Watch the video to find out a 10 for what.

Robert Pattinson was on Le Grand Journal on Tuesday to promote his other film at Cannes, The Rover. During his segment, Julianne had a message for him that she taped from her day on LGJ. It’s fun and the interview with Rob ends with Guy Pearce asking him to set a meeting between David Cronenberg and himself. Good time all around!

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