David Cronenberg’s ‘Maps to The Stars’ Gets 11 Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

The Canadian Screen Awards Nominations were announced today and Maps To The Stars received a grand total of 11  including nominations for Best Motion Picture, Achievement in Direction for David Cronenberg and Performance By An Actress for Julianne Moore.
John Cusack and Robert Pattinson are pitted up against each other in the Performance By An Actor in A Supporting Role category.  You can check out the FULL list of nominations below.

The awards take place on March 1, 2015 in Toronto and they will air live on the CBC network.

Best Motion Picture: Maps To The Stars

Achievement in Direction:  David Cronenberg ~ Maps To The Stars

Achievement in Editing: Ron Sanders ~ Maps To The Stars

Achievement in Music – Original Score: Howard Shore ~ Maps To The Stars
Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role: Evan Bird
Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: John Cusack, Robert Pattinson
Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role: Julianne Moore
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role:  Mia Wasikowska

Achievement in Overall Sound: Christian Cooke, Michael O’Farrell, Orest Sushko

Best Original Screenplay: Bruce Wagner ~ Maps To The Stars

 If you want to see the full list of nominations you can check them out over at Academy.ca


LIVECHAT: David Cronenberg Talks About Working With Mia Wasikowska & Robert Pattinson, Why He Wanted To Direct ‘Maps To The Stars’ & More

Yesterday David Cronenberg took part in a Twitter LiveChat in association with EOneFilms. We livetweeted it over on our twitter account but for those of you that missed it you can check out it in full below.

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USA: The “exaggerated, compressed, but accurate” Maps To The Stars gets a release date

According to BoxOfficeMojo, Maps To The Stars will release in the US on February 27, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.56.35 PM

We can’t help but wonder if the film is getting pushed away from a fall release and the releases in other countries (already out in the UK, releasing on Halloween in Canada and if you’re in France (or have a multi region player), you can buy the Bluray/DVD HERE) for a reason. Maybe it hits too close to home?

75Los Angeles Magazine explored the message of the film and hit it squarely – “Maps to the Stars Grapples with the Movie Business’s Most Complicated Character: Hollywood Itself”:

David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars is a Hollywood monster movie in which Hollywood is the monster. When Mia Wasikowska gets off the cross-country bus amid the sunshine and palm trees, she might be Naomi Watts arriving dumbfounded and dreamy in David Lynch’s 2001 Mulholland Drive but for the glint of recognition in her eyes and the mysteries of her past lurking behind the burn scars on her body. Wasikowska’s estranged family includes a self-help-guru father, who insists he loves her even as he makes clear he never wants to see her again, and a basket-case mother managing the acting career of a post-rehab son, whom the sister once tried to set on fire. The young woman wrangles a job—“For a disfigured schizophrenic,” observes her brother, “you’ve got this town pretty wired”—as a “chore whore” for a fading Hollywood luminary played by Julianne Moore, who’s desperate for the starring role in a biopic about her own abusive movie-star mother. Incest both sexual and creative connects everyone to everyone else. On Cronenberg’s map, the coordinates overlay each other; the revelation of secrets is less important than the madness that secrets engender.

Click HERE to continue reading the article. Screenwriter, Bruce Wagner, said via Thompson on Hollywood, “I’ve given you the lay of the land as I see it, saw it, and lived it.” and always the provocateur, David Cronenberg, has been direct about his feelings on the film and it’s relation to Hollywood.

Esquire: Everyone in Maps to the Stars is fundamentally awful and driven by a repellent amount of egomania. Is Hollywood really that bad?
Cronenberg: In short, yes. I live in Toronto. I dip my toe into the Hollywood tar pit every once in a while, and I can say that my experience of it would very much confirm the insights in the movie. It’s exaggerated and compressed, of course, but I think it’s pretty accurate.

E: So, everyone just floats around on a sea of fake emotion?
C: Absolutely. There’s always an agenda and strange personal manoeuvring. I flirted with a studio for a while back there [in 2008], when I was going to adapt the Robert Ludlum novel The Matarese Circle. I met with Denzel Washington, and spent some time with Tom Cruise. So I had the meetings, I had the experiences, but didn’t get to make the movie [the studio, MGM, declared bankruptcy; the film was abandoned]. I’ve had enough experiences over the years to know that all the resonances in Maps to the Stars ring true.

maps-nooooClick HERE to read more of his interview with Esquire. John Cusack doesn’t mince words and labels Tinsel Town a whorehouse to the Guardian.

Maps to the Stars broods on how celebrity corrupts the fallible. It’s also something of a bitchfest; a blood-letting that Cusack enjoys having a stake in. Hollywood today is closer to Wagner’s vision than we realise, he says. It’s no longer a place, it’s a nostalgic idea. The mega-corporations have stepped in, bringing with them the era of the 50-producer movie. In modern Hollywood the franchise is king, the star is used as leverage. “You can’t make it up,” says Cusack. “It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.”

Julianne Moore doesn’t see Maps To The Stars as a film about Hollywood and elaborates with the Irish Independent:

For Moore, this was never a film about Hollywood – which is “just a place where people make movies,” she notes. “Really, this is a movie about people who are so desperate to be seen and heard and acknowledged as human beings, and they’re seeking outside validation to obtain that, by being famous, celebrities or whatever… it’s really about who we are as human beings and what people want, and how sometimes they’re not able to get it.”

Robert Pattinson also seems to agree with Moore when speaking to the Independent:

“I’ve met characters that are pretty similar. Everyone’s saying the films biting, but I think it’s sympathetic to a host of characters. Women like Havana: in reality people would despise her, they don’t have friends for a reason, but I don’t think anyone comes out of the movie hating her and that’s testament to Julianne. It’s a bunch of weirdos who spend time self-obsessing and talking about it afterwards.”

Whatever the issues are, we hope the film and Moore still receive a qualifying run for award season, reported HERE. A few of us on staff have seen the film and think she’s simply sensational. A ball of fire you can’t turn away from.


PORTRAITS: Maps To The Stars cast & crew at the Toronto International Film Festival

Great cast & crew portraits by Jeff Vespa!


Maps To The Stars premieres tonight at TIFF and you can click HERE or HERE to start watching lifestreams around 8:30 ET. We’ll post video and pics from the premiere as well as the Q&A afterwards when they’re available.


Click HERE if you want to see solos of Robert Pattinson

VIDEO & PICS: The ‘Maps To The Stars’ TIFF Press Conference & Photocall

Today is Maps To The Stars Premiere day at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). You’ll be able to catch all of the excitement from the Red Carpet both here and over on our Twitter so be sure to tune in for that.
But first thing on the agenda for Director David Cronenberg and the cast was a Photo Call & Press Conference this morning.

If you weren’t able to watch it earlier you can catch the recording of it below along with some pics from the Press Conference & Photocall

Press Conference


Pics Source / Source / Source

Q&A With David Cronenberg, Bruce Wagner & Julianne Moore At NYFF September 27th


Good news for those of you lucky enough to be going to the Maps To The Stars US Premiere at NYFF on Sept 27th,  you will also be treated to a Q&A with David Cronenberg, Bruce Wagner & Julianne Moore.
More Details HERE

VIDEO: Bruce Wagner accepting Best Actress for Julianne Moore during Awards Ceremony at Cannes

Bruce Wagner was on hand to accept Julianne Moore’s Best Actress win at the Cannes Film Festival. Click HERE to watch the announcement and acceptance speech by Bruce around 26:30. We also did a transcript for you, translation in the parenthesis:

Je ne suis pas Julianne (I am not Julianne). I joyously accept this award for Julianne Moore whose emotional genius and transformative powers are only matched by her ferociousness and fearlessness. On behalf of Julie, I thank the jury and the producers, Saïd Ben Saïd, Martin Katz and Michel Merkt. And I thank a visionary. Mon frère, mon père, et mon cœur, David Cronenberg (My bother, my father, and my heart, David Cronenberg). Julianne and David, j’ecris votre nom (I write your name (film reference)). Vive Los Angeles, vive David Cronenberg, vive Julie Moore et vive la France.

After the ceremony, Bruce took pictures with the award during the photocall. Congratulations again to Julianne, David and the entire Maps To The Stars family.

Click HERE if you missed our initial post about the great honor!

CANNES: Video and pictures of the Maps To The Stars press conference, photocall and interview

It’s Maps To The Stars day and the whole team is out in full force!


l-r: Sarah Gadon, Evan Bird, Robert Pattinson, Mia Wasikowska, David Cronenberg, Julianne Moore, John Cusack, Bruce Wagner

The first stop for the group was the photocall.

Then David Cronenberg was joined by Robert Pattinson, John Cusack, Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, Evan Bird and Sarah Gadon for the official Cannes interview.

After that, they headed over to the press conference which included Bruce Wagner and the producers.


MAPS TO THE STARS : The press conference by CannesFestTV

Here are some more pictures of the Maps To The Stars team at the photocall and press conference

The premiere stars at 10PM CET/ 9PM BST/ 4PM ET/ 1PM PST and you can watch the livestream from the video below!

CANNES: John Cusack with Julianne Moore, Sarah Gadon with David Cronenberg, Robert Pattinson wants to be in every Cronenberg film & MORE!

The Maps To The Stars family was out and about on Sunday at the Cannes Film Festival! Press screened the film in the morning and reactions were VERY good with some calling for the Palme to go straight to David Cronenberg. Click HERE if you missed it.

The MTTS producers, Martin Katz and Renee Tab, rangled John Cusack, Julianne Moore and Bruce Wagner together.

John Cusack and Sarah Gadon shared some pics from their arrival to Cannes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 6.20.06 PM

#champagne and #omelettes #cannes

Martin took this great pic of David Cronenberg and Sarah Gadon.

Renee Tab caught up with Julianne in the evening.

Night 3! #mapstothestars #cannes2014 #tabtuffinpics

Night 3! #mapstothestars #cannes2014 #tabtuffinpics

Robert Pattinson wasn’t with everyone likely because he was at the premiere for his film, The Rover.


He did however have nothing but awesome things to say about David Cronenberg on the red carpet.


Variety also caught up with Rob Saturday night at the Vanity Fair & Armani party. Click HERE to read the article but he again expressed a desire to collaborate with David again, calling him incredibly respectful.

We can’t wait for Monday! It’s officially Maps To The Stars day. There will be a photocall around 12pm CET (6am ET/3am PST) followed by interviews and press conference. The premiere red carpet will start around 10:00 CET (4pm ET/1pm PST). Click HERE for the livestream.

CANNES: Julianne Moore, Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and MORE out representing Maps To The Stars

The Maps To The Stars family continues to live it up at Cannes! Julianne Moore, who has been a belle of the ball for several days now, was busy promoting The Hunger Games on Saturday but stopped off at the Vanity Fair and Armani Party that evening. Co-star, Robert Pattinson, who arrived on Friday, was also there with her co-star in The Hunger Games, Liam Hemsworth and Cannes juror, Gael Garcia Bernal. We hope he enjoys MTTS! Click HERE if you want to see more pictures of Rob at the high profile affair. 

David Cronenberg was finally spotted when MTTS producer, Renee Tab, shared a photo with David and Bruce Wagner. Co-stars, Christian Llyod and Clara Pasieka were at another party but we might have to wait for Monday to start seeing the Maps To The Stars family all together. For now, we’re just happy everyone looks to be having a great time! Happy Cannes!

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