AWARDS: John Cusack wins best supporting actor and Howard Shore wins best score for Maps To The Stars at CSAs!

The Canadian Screen Awards were held this past Sunday and John Cusack won the awards for Best Supporting Actor in Maps To The Stars! Howard Shore also won CSA Achievement in Music – Original Score for MTTS. Screenwriter, Bruce Wagner, was there to accept Cusack’s award. Julianne Moore and Sarah Gadon were also on deck representing Maps To The Stars.

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Julianne Moore introduced the film at the awards show and also spoke highly of David Cronenberg on the red carpet.

If you haven’t seen Maps To The Stars in the US yet, it’s available ON DEMAND and in limited theaters. You can also purchase or rent the film on Amazon Instant Video. Don’t miss it!

VIDEO: Sarah Gadon talks about working with David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson

Sarah Gadon stars in Maps To The Stars but it’s her third film with David Cronenberg, previously starring in A Dangerous Method and Cosmopolis. It’s also her second film with Robert Pattinson, whom she worked with on Cosmopolis.

She sat down with The Morning Show in Toronto and talked about working with David and Rob. Click the picture to view the video or click HERE.

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The segment doesn’t mention Maps To The Stars but she compliments the men and it’s a good interview. Here is an edited excerpt from the video as well:

TORONTO — Sarah Gadon is an expert on making movies with directors named Cronenberg.

The 26-year-old Toronto actress made 2011′s A Dangerous Method, 2012′sCosmopolis and the upcoming Maps to the Stars for David Cronenberg and 2012′sAntiviral for his son Brandon Cronenberg.

“Everyone always expects me to say that they’re really creepy and weird and bizarre,” Gadon said of the Canadian filmmakers. “They’re incredibly nice people and they’re really kind of normal Torontonians.”

Gadon, who appeared Friday on Global’s The Morning Show, also talked about co-starring with actors like Robert Pattinson (in Cosmopolis) and Jake Gyllenhaal (in the upcoming Enemy).

“I have these surreal moments where I’m like, ‘I’m pregnant with Jake Gyllenhaal’s baby’ and ‘I’m telling Robert Pattinson that he smells of sex,’” she admitted. “But you’re acting so the focus is on the work.”


Things To Get Excited About In 2014? ‘Maps To The Stars’ Of Course

Canada’s Globe & Mail asked their team of critics and reporters to weigh in on the hottest happenings of the coming year. Three guesses what made their top 10 list of things they were excited about in 2014!

You only needed one guess right?

mtts still

Here’s what they had to say about Maps To The Stars

Maps is Cronenberg’s first film set in Los Angeles, and he couldn’t have a better guide in screenwriter-novelist Bruce Wagner, the most acerbic chronicler of Hollywood since Nathanael West: He’s the screenwriter behind Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills and the miniseries Wild Palms, and novelist of Force Majeure and the trilogy of “cellphone” novels, I’m Losing You, I’ll Let You Go and Still Holding. The cast includes John Cusack as a famous pop psychiatrist, Julianne Moore as his celebrity client, and Olivia Williams as his wife and the manager of their drug-addicted child star (Evan Bird). Mia Wasikowska is their mentally disturbed daughter; Robert Pattinson is the limo driver she befriends.

If you want to see what else made their list check it out HERE