The Most Successful WNBA Picks In History

WNBA predictions have become an increasingly important part of the women’s basketball landscape. With the success of teams such as the Los Angeles Sparks, Minnesota Lynx, and Connecticut Sun over the years, it’s clear that a well-made draft pick can make or break a team’s season. To celebrate some of these great picks over history, let’s take a look at some of the most successful WNBA Draft picks.

1 – Maya Moore (2011) 

The Minnesota Lynx had the first overall pick in 2011 and they made one of the best decisions in league history when they chose UConn star Maya Moore. She was an instant star for them, winning four championships and three MVP Awards during her time with them. She is considered by many to be one of the greatest players in Women’s Basketball history and she has helped redefine what it means to be a champion at this level.

2 – Candace Parker (2008) 

Candace Parker was taken with the number one overall pick in 2008 by the Los Angeles Sparks out of Tennessee. She would go on to win two MVP awards while being named Defensive Player of The Year twice and leading her team to two titles. Her influence has been felt far beyond LA too; she brought attention to women’s basketball on a global scale which helped grow its popularity around the world.

3 – Brittney Griner (2013)  

In 2013, Brittney Griner was selected first overall by Phoenix Mercury out of Baylor University after having one of college basketball’s most dominant careers ever seen up until that point. Although she hasn’t won any championships yet with Phoenix, she has been extremely successful individually; she has already won two defensive player awards along with three All-Star selections so far during her career. Many believe that if given more help from teammates, there is no limit for what she could accomplish as a player in this league.

4 – Elena Delle Donne (2013)  

Elena Delle Donne was drafted second overall by the Chicago Sky out of Delaware, where she had arguably one of the best college basketball careers of all time, winning National Player of the Year honours throughout her college career. In 2016, Delle Donne finally broke through, winning MVP honours and leading the Chicago Sky to their first-ever Finals appearance, where they eventually lost, but still showed how good this team could be under her leadership in future seasons.

5 – Sue Bird (2002)  

Sue Bird was drafted first overall by the Seattle Storm in 2002 out of UCONN, where she was coming off an incredible college career. Since then, Sue Bird has gone on to become one of the most respected veterans in women’s basketball, racking up three championships, four All-Star appearances, eleven All-WNBA selections and counting throughout her illustrious seventeen-year career so far. It is impressive how long Bird has remained productive despite her age, and shows why many consider her potentially even greater than fellow veteran Diana Taurasi when all is said and done.

6 – Cynthia Cooper (1997)  

When Cynthia Cooper was drafted fourth overall by the Houston Comets in 1997, few could have predicted the impact she would have on the women’s game, becoming a household name through multiple championship runs and individual accolades, including two MVP honours and Finals MVP each time! Cynthia Cooper is regarded as possibly one of the greatest players to have ever played at this level & it all started from humble beginnings when she was drafted fourth overall in 1997.

7 – Tamika Catchings (2001)  

Tamika Catchings was drafted 3rd overall by the Indiana Fever back in 2001 out of Tennessee where Catchings established herself as a dominant presence both offensively & defensively using length & athleticism combined to create a mismatch against any opponent in the front court no matter their size or stature wise. Over her 16-year professional career, Tamika Catchings racked up 4 championships, 10 All-Star appearances alongside a plethora of other individual accolades, making Tamika’s legacy within women’s basketball an indelible mark that remains today and continues to inspire new generations of hoopsters worldwide!

8 – Diana Taurasi (2004) 

Diana Taurasi was taken number 1 by the Phoenix Mercury in 2004, coming off arguably the greatest college career date so far… Though former UCONN standout struggled to start pro ranks, Taurasi found a way to adapt game, use knowledge, IQ, dominate opponents and eventually become the recognised face of womens basketball today; winning 3 championship titles, 8 All-Star Games, 12 All-WNBA selections amongst other honors for achievements throughout 15 year tenure so far!

In conclusion, there are so many amazing women’s basketball players who have gone on to set records and create legacies in past drafts that we haven’t even had a chance to mention them here! But just looking at these eight names should give you a good idea of how important Draft Day can be when it comes to selecting the next franchise cornerstone for your team!


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